Monday, April 27, 2015

A List of Film Festivals

After finding out there are quite a few more festivals centering around classic movies than I thought, I decided to compose a list of festivals around the US/Canada. Please let me know if there are more!

Also, some don't update until the festival is closer so if it's listed as 2014, just check back later.

Festivals Focusing on One Actor/Actress

Humphrey Bogart (Florida)

James Dean (Indiana)

Marie Dressler (Ontario, Canada) Thanks Melina!

Judy Garland (Minnesota)

Buster Keaton  (Kansas)

Buster Keaton ( (Michigan)

Dean Martin (Ohio)

Donna Reed (Iowa)

John Wayne  (Texas) There isn't much info on this one but hopefully it will be updated soon.

Classic Movies in General 

Arthur Lyons Film Noir Festival (California) Thanks Laura!

Capitolfest ( (New York) Thanks Nicole Marie!

Denver Silent Film Festival (

Lucille Ball Comedy Festival (Focuses more on other acts) (New York) 

Kansas Silent Film Festival

Lone Pine Film Festival  (California) Thanks Laura!

Noir City Film Festival  (California, Texas, etc?) Thanks Laura!

San Francisco Silent Film Festival

TCM Film Festival

Toronto Silent Film Festival Thanks Melina!

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